Spreading seeds like Krishna... no, wait.

So. Update.

I'm attempting to increase my Q rating by getting work out as frequently as possible. Just had a story published on Raygun Revival, I've got a story appearing in the quarterly horror anthology Postscripts to Darkness this spring and I'm planning on attempting to get some play through the free Amazon library as well. So everything's coming up roses. Maybe.

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Started. Kicked.

So, update.

Still alive, which is good.

The Kickstarter campaign's complete, which is even better. I've got an artist doing a cover, an editor on retainer and potential cosplay convention support for 2013, so the book moves forward apace.

How are you?

Mission halfcomplished!

So. Kickstarter.

The campaign for Zobop Bebop has reached its initial goal, which is very, very exciting.

Strangely, though, I'm looking for more. Not necessarily more money, although that would be nice, but more interaction. I find it interesting that the Kickstarter model as I've embraced it calls for me to surrender a certain amount of the creative process. One level of premium trades money for an on-demand Creative Commons story. I've currently bumped things up, saying that I'd let readers vote which of the three novels I've got bumping around in my head I should write first.

Don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. We shall see. For now, though, victory!

Like a dog returning to its vomit, these are the days of our lives...

Kickstarter's interesting to me.

I believe in the crowdsourcing mechanism, because I've bought into it. I've supported games and short films and become part of a community through doing so. Although it's served as a mechanism for generating revenue, it seems that Kickstarter's at its best when it's actually building a brand. Far West, while fascinating and very much the game I've waited to play for my entire life (Black cowboys? Who do kung fu? Someone took a time machine back to 1978 and asked little Sean Demory what he'd like to see in a game!) , it seems that it's done a better job of building a community around the game than anything else.

So. Back into the breach. I'm starting it up again with a smaller goal and a bit more range of community-building pledges. I'm offering access to short stories before they're published or submitted, custom-written short stories and, in theory, some sort of blog. We'll see what happens. Onward to victory!

Time to get unreasonable!

In fourteen days, the Zobop Bebop campaign will come to a crashing, ignominious defeat before rising from its own ashes like a phoenix.

I've received twenty percent of the total pledges, which is fantastic. I've received that from less than twenty people, which is inspiring and... not ideal. A lot of the goal of this thing was to get the word out and create some degree of "fan base," as artificial as it may be.

So. Not there yet.

The nice thing is, the money's there to put it out on my own. I've also got interest from some other circles that's very, very promising. I think it'd be more promising if I had a few hundred or thousand people out there who said "Yeah. I'd pay five bucks for this."

Any thoughts, LJers? I've put it in the hands of reviewers who've shown interest but haven't posted on it. I don't have juice with io9 or BoingBoing, but I've attempted to get it up at both places. I'm tweeting, but the echo chamber only goes so far. Posted it on my , but my readership there is... small.

I've got 119 people who've declared that they "like" the thing, in whatever terms Facebook liking holds. Need to figure out how to leverage that or, even better, expand on it. Ponder, ponder, ponder.

Eyes on the goddamned prize, people

So, I'm about three weeks away from the end of my Kickstart for the goddamned book.

At one level, it doesn't matter. I've got a couple of huge, pillowy safety nets that will guarantee that the book comes out in some form.

That being said... time to get on the goddamned stick.

Please, LJers, rep Zobop Bebop as hard as possible. I'd love to have to send out a thousand eBooks. I'd be giddy at the thought of it.

So, yeah. Get the word out. Awesome goddamned book for less than it'll cost on Amazon.



So. Kickstarter.

When things started looking very, very questionable for the Goddamned Book, I set up a Kickstarter account. "Fuck it," I thought to myself, "I'll put the goddamned thing out on my own and call it good."

Now, I've got some sign of interest from a publisher... small house, primarily electronic. It's vague interest, but it's interest.

This isn't an argument over whether legacy publishing is legitimate or not, so take that elsewhere. It's simply a... point of frustration.

Hell with it. Assuming I pull the cash and the publisher bites, I'll just return it. And that's a big "if."

Thank you, Interwebs! You help me do what I'd do anyway.

In unrelated news, I'm near apotheosis. I've been slowly but surely becoming the earthly incarnation of "No, fuck you." My baleful gaze actually has physical weight. So, there's that.

So... how are you?